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Hotep (Peace),


       An opportunity now exists for you to make a vital contribution to one of the most innovative and most admired organizations within the African community, the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC).

      You can help sustain this unique forum, where bold social dreams and scholarly ideas are continually explored and expanded through your membership contribution.  With it, you can impact the ongoing reclamation of the history of ancient African civilizations and direct what future generations will learn. 

 ASCAC provides you with access to a growing body of knowledge about Africa’s role in world history. The accomplishments of the Association have included: 

  • Providing local, regional and national conferences for scholarly exchange and networking;
  • Developing a long-range international research strategy based upon a multidisciplinary approach;
  • Promoting an African-centered curriculum in private and public school systems;
  • Developing and producing ASCAC study guides and increasing the number of study groups nationally and internationally;
  • Publishing research findings, conference proceedings, project papers and newsletters;
  • Traveling to Kemet (Egypt) for our first international conference (1987), to Ghana (1996); London (2000) commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the Pan African Congress,  & returning to the Black Land (Kemet) in 2007;
  • Establishing the Akoben (a call to action) Institute for Youth to encourage our young people to study African history; and
  • Publishing the African World History Project: The Preliminary Challenge (AWHP).

 ASCAC continues to reclaim our history through research, enlightening our people through education, inspiring our people through spiritual development, and raising our consciousness through creative productions.


As you can imagine, the list of quality programs in ASCAC is virtually limitless. However, ASCAC’s budget and resources are not. 

In the face of continually escalating costs, ASCAC strives to preserve its entire spectrum of high quality scholarly endeavors to build upon its leading role in gathering and disseminating information. 

By doing your part and joining ASCAC, you help to sustain this truly vital center of learning and culture that plays a significant role in all of our lives.

ASCAC membership goes from April 1 through March 31 of each year.

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