Conference Theme: 

Ancestral Wisdom: Restoring & Transmitting Maat from Sp Tpy

In the spirit of our Ancestors, our Pan-African global family, and the yet unborn, ASCAC extends a warm invitation for you to join us for our 31st  Annual Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Studies Conference. For the past 30 years, ASCAC has demonstrated a consistent commitment to provide the Pan-African global family with an institutional vehicle for the presentation of knowledge of African civilizations and its relevance to our contemporary lives.  Our 2014 theme is Ancestral Wisdom: Restoring and Transmitting Maat from Sep Tepy (The First Occasion). In March of 2014, we will gather in Newark, N.J. at Essex County Community College to celebrate our past 30 years of existence and to not only renew our moral obligation and responsibility to counter the political, cultural, and psychological oppression of African people, but to also continue to promote, preserve, and disseminate African cultural and intellectual enlightenment that sustains our humanity and is the foundation of our liberation.